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Our reenactment pieces are all made with high quality materials. The pieces that we produce are accurate to current finds and research that is available
Brigandines All brigandines are hand made following 15th styles and designs.  We use high quality materials such as wool, linen, silk and leather for the outer which are then backed onto heavy canvas.  Plates are made from mild steel, but medium/high carbon steels are available on request, and they can either be painted or tinned.  There are many different styles of brigandine and all are copied from originals or from illustrations of the period.  If there is a particular style you would prefer please contact us
Scabbards All scabbards are made from 8oz leather with brass or steel fittings.  Each scabbard is individual to each sword as the scabbard is made around the sword for a solid fit.  Please contact for a quote.
Plate Armour We undertake small amounts of plate armour orders. Please ask for a quote.